Brush the dust off those razors, spring is on the way!!


I love this picture!  It cracks me up every time because let’s face it, during the winter months what woman really wants to shave her legs?!?  Maybe I’m the only one that doesn’t but I find that hard to believe.  So with spring supposedly around the corner, it’s time to dust off those razors, bust out the wax and tackle that forest of hair ladies!  And why not mix up a quick batch of homemade shave lotion while you are at it?  What’s this you say?  Shave lotion?  Yes, exactly.  It will leave your legs feeling smooth and hydrated.  The recipe I use is simple and inexpensive, in fact most ingredients I found at the dollar store!  And the amount you save and quantity you get is amazing!!  So here it is, really simple and the best part is you can use any scent you want.  I made a coconut lime batch that was green, and made some cute St. Patrick’s Day gifts for some friends.

Homemade Shave Lotion

1 C shampoo

1 C conditioner

5 tsp baby oil

5 tsp lotion

Mix and let sit for an hour.  Put in pump bottle or any container you may have.  Enjoy!



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